Along its research & development journey, GiantArm bears in mind the vision of “embracing” all 3D printing hobbyists’ bold ideation and creative passion as well as our innovative dreams.


Dedicated & Reliable

GiantArm is a craftsman dedicated to delivering reliable and easy-to-manage 3D printers to all of our customers. We are forging ahead with determination and confidence to attain this goal. You CAN count on us!

Open & Professional

GiantArm opens its arm to share its achievement and embrace differences. We believe that acceptation of differences is the only way of making a difference in the fierce market. GiantArm crew is trying to do better to maximize the possibilities YOU would explore in the 3D printing space.

Cooperative & Competitive

GiantArm knows the complementary relationship between cooperation and competition. We seek strength through cooperation and discover opportunities from competition. GiantArm is still on the way.


GiantArm has resellers around the world. If you are interested in buying GiantArm products at your local, please contact one of our authorized resellers.

GiantArm selects resellers based on their commitment, willingness to seize the opportunities in the 3D printing market, and ability to promote, aggressively sell, install and provide support for GiantArm products. We seek partners that will extend our existing markets and enter key new markets for 3D printing.

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